Little Miss Thistle was originally a bit of a mistake. Akutenshi and I spotted what we thought was a Minifee Moe at a doll show, and split the cost. It turned out that only the bottom half was an actual Minifee, and the head was..dubious. So I went to the Den of Angels MP and found a Minifee head (a Nanuri 2016), a head that had proper marking and magnets where they were supposed to be. So Thistle has a face.

Her head is sort of a 7-8 for wigs. The size 7 wig here is a little tight, and an 8 is too large. The Moe body is adorable, but smaller around than a Minifee body--the top here fits my old Luts Shushu well and Thistle is barely in it--it's pinned in the back. Her waist is tiny, too. Here are the Moe body measurements on the Den of Angels Wiki:

Thistle's body is the smaller M line at the right side of the chart.

She has tiny feet. Magnet feet, which want to drop off. My plan is to make some tights which will keep her feet on; these baggy SD tights were just so I wouldn't lose her feet when we went outside. Not that I was planning on staying long outside, the mosquitoes are formidable. This is why--lots of rain, and lots of pots and spots for rain water to collect in:

I will say this, the rain is making the garden look great:

This is a native sunflower my brother gave me:

It was only about half this height last year. I'm scared :D