Sunday, July 29, 2018

Balthazar's Shirt, Done

It's a bit loose around the waist, now that I added the side slits. The back has hooks this time instead of snaps, and I think that is a better solution to closing this shirt--they are easier to put on, for one thing. Here's another pic:

That stitch around the bottom is sort of a fishbone pattern--it holds the hem up, looks interesting and is stretchy, which is great for this fabric.
Now he needs pants and to have the back of his wig fixed--it was a size 7 and was way too small until I split it. The color is so nice! The horns keeping it on are from Dika Doll, and not expensive--something like 30-40 as I recall. The shipping is the hard part, like all doll things from Asia.


  1. love the shirt! wish you make them in people size! ;)

    1. Doll sewing ruins you for full size sewing--it goes so fast! And dolls don't care if something is lumpy:D Thank you too!


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