Souldoll Serena came out from Souldoll last year, and she was magnificent--and expensive:

I liked the human version even more than the centaur (more practical for my small storage space, for one thing). But Lelahel on Den of Angels ordered her, and then didn't much like the body. I can see why someone would think it was a little awkward aesthetically, but I have had a lot of fun with it already. It is a lot more posable than the old bodies, but with the same beautiful hands (Souldoll has the best hands):

Anyway, I am going backwards--here is the box:

A really nice certificate:

Useful writing on the headcap so you wont mix the cap up with someone elses (easy if you are a customizer!)

And finally, Vivienne when I first managed to dig her out of her chrysalis (Lelahel packed her very securely!)

All the bumping in the postal truck had loosened her eyes, poor thing. I like her faceup but I want to put a little green at the corners of her eyes to cool it down a little--I love, love the default faceup but I don't think my skills are up to duplicating it, so it may have to wait until I can send her to someone. Meanwhile this one is pretty, especially the lips and brows, so I will keep it for a while.Luckily she is here during sewing season when it is warm enough to work on the porch, so she should get a dress soon. And her own wig-- that is someone else's wig.