Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Goblin Market and another SG Shirt

My order from Goblin Market came! The big horns are surprisingly clean (they are 3d printed), the medium ones are just about perfect as is, ready for paint, and the little ones have a bubble but I was planning on using paper clay to reshape them a bit anyway. It's a lot of horns for 20 USD plus shipping.

I've been sewing; hopefully this shirt will be done tomorrow and the intended recipient can model it. It's another one of those simple Soom Super Gem male shirts, this time with just a faced open neckline, no collar. The shape of the collar facing is right, but the fabric needed to be something very thin instead of the thick velour of the rest of the shirt. Design on it is yarn trim (usually used for knitting) plus an applique made of printed cotton.

Hems need finishing, and snaps in the back.

Two random photos from yesterday--a cloud joke:

"I'm a tree!"
And a squirrel eating mulberries in a tree in the front yard--I am sorry it's not more in focus, but he scooted as soon as he saw me:

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