Procession of Beryls

When Soom first released Beryl in 2008, I was a) Broke and B) Baffled. What was this Asian faun doing in a pink corset with green legs and blonde hair? With wings? It turns out that she is a succubus, so that is why the Victoria's Secret outfit. But I thought the hooves were awesome and I liked her scowl even more--after tons of smiling dolls, here was one that wasn't having any of your stuff, thank you. And then it turned out that she was based on a real model, Devon Aoki:

Who does in fact smile, and looks quite sweet in real life. So I ended up getting Beryl in pieces to make a Normal Skin version, though I couldn't get her faceup right, though I loved, loved her hooves. This was Antimony:

She ended going to someone else's house (Lunarbackbone's) and looks amazing now:

So I thought it would make sense to look for another Free Choice Beryl that already had a faceup, since I wasn't doing to well painting the heads myself, and Beachgirl sold me hers for a excellent price. And Tara is so pretty! But she wasn't Antimony, she was herself, and since Cat loved her gold and pink, I sent her to Cat:

Then I bought a Love Me or Die with Original Paint (and now she has the Original Clothes). This is Artemisia, now in the Museum of Soom in the basement, since she is in mint condition:

But since she was put away, I couldn't play with her.. so I kept an eye out for another one on sale, and found Jeline (A Love me or Die Beryl) for sale from Lelahel. And since I had admired Jeline so much from afar, I am so happy to have her here! I think because Jeline has always been a clothes model, I have no problem hauling her around and dressing her up. Also she has a custom faceup and not the original--I actually prefer this one, though it is less "collectible".

Then I saw on the MP one of the Beryls I missed, a Dark Moon Beryl, and bought it from Byakko on Den of Angels..just her head, because I wanted her on the old body rather than the new one. This is Anastasia:

(Sicktress did that amazing body paint).

 And then Soom had a Post Monthly sale, and I bought this gray Beryl, that I had missed before. But she is on the new body...

....but being an abandoned order, she had no hooves or horns, and I have a lot of Beryls, including the Ultimate Beryl in the form of Sophie Cushion--which Cat bought from Lazulistar and then sent TO ME for a present!

(Sophie has all her original stuffs except the wings, because they are too large.  She is just the bomb. And yes, she has green legs and hooves when she has on her hoofed feet. )

...So I sent Petra to Cat, since Cat is getting a matching gray Sard done up, and she actually has a Beryl collection that may actually be the best ever for artistic merit, including Yetta:

(Painted by Captured in Thought, formerly Miss Ally's doll),

Izzy (formerly owned by the Font Bandit)

And Quinn, who is gorgeous but whose photo I have misplaced (maybe Cat will send me a link and her info again).
So I thought to myself, "Well, I finally have a rational number of Beryls here." and then I went immediately onto Den of Angels and bought a  Beryl head from Arekushia. Which will fit on the WS Soom body I have here. And then I will have Amaranth, who will eventually want WS hooves of her own. But she already has a nice faceup.
And I am running out of long names that start with A.
 Though there is Angharad...


  1. I love this! And her sculpt! (and the one that lives here with me <3) thank you ^^

    1. Thank *you*! Both Akutenshi and I were talking about how wonderful she became at your house! She really came to life!


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