Souldoll Vito Calia

She's here! And what a cool doll she is! I'd say she is a little bigger than a Tonner girl, with a larger rear end and a smaller head.

The previous owner put hot glue in her hips and shoulders, which was good, and in her ankles, which was kind of good, though I took some of it out, and did her knees, which I picked out entirely as the knees are engineered to fit tight, and the hot glue just threw them off. She stands great! Her arms also work well, though you need to tug and twist them like an old EID to get the right angle on the arm peanut. The seams are pretty smooth and overall she just feels like a lot of care went into making her. Her face does need some repair--for now I am going to see if I can just patch it, because I really love the faceup. And the head sculpt is just so pretty--Souldoll always does such appealing sculpts for the girls. (Maybe for the boys too, I have just never had a boy head). I see why people were annoyed with the generous butt compared to the small head, but for some reason I am ok with it. Maybe because Tanith has an enormous wig so it doesn't matter :D

Hybriding a Vito. I would say no, for many reasons. First the hands and feet just go on differently than other dolls of a similar size. The neck is also just not shaped to take other heads. Here is a Minifee sized head on the body:

Ugh no. So lets try a Zenith girl head instead, in this case Sharon:

Haha no. This does let you see the difference between the Milk Cocoa Brown and the Normal Skin of Souldoll, though. Milk Cocoa seems close to Dollshe tan..though I still wouldn't hybrid since the neck hole of Erica Snow is way different. Much larger.
 Here are the heads together:

Sharon is still a teeny head compared to most SD girls, so you can see how petite the Calia head is.
So here she is, all together and looking fine--though I do want to make her some spare eyes (around 10mm, I think):

Oh noes, what if she wants a Vito boyfriend :o