New Iplehouse Dolls--FID Dane, Snakes With Bow Ties

Iplehouse is usually such Serious Business about dolls, and then suddenly BOOM there are snakes with bow ties--actually this is BID Becky. She's small enough that if you put her on layaway she is somewhat affordable, but you should definitely get her as a fullset. Because you don't want to be painting those snakes yourself :D And there is a cutie Normal Skin one (you have several color options, just look at the sales page.) Here she is in WS, I think:

I kind of just want a snake as a standalone prop :D With a bow tie.

Then there is a more usual Tiny Hunk of Viking Hotness, aka FID Dane:

His outfit is really beautiful, especially when you consider he isn't that much larger than a Ken doll.