Isa and the Goblin Market, and yet another Snake

I did a lot of yard work today (mostly weeding) and then added some sparkles and lashes to my Deesse 2 head (Sicktress sculpted her) She is temporarily on the larger Resinsoul Lian body, but the neck is a little thin and the body proportions over all aren't quite right. Her head is really big, a 9/10. I'd really like a Impldoll Idol in gray for her, but it will have to wait until other things are paid off. Also she needs a white/silver wig, since her eyebrows and lashes are white. She is so much fun to work with, though--I might just borrow Danu's body for a template and make her some clothes.

I did spend 20.00 for some 3d printed doll-sized horns from Goblin Market Studio, on etsy.

 They were inexpensive because they are still unsanded direct from the printer, so it is up to the buyer to smooth them and primer them. I am not sure who gets the horns yet, but I will figure that out once they get here. Goblin Market also makes human-sized cosplay horns and ears, they look cool!

And Stripey has re-discovered the joys of summer--she spent quite a bit of time outside and then brought a toy inside:

So I had to put on gloves and take it out again. It seemed to be OK, if annoyed.