Thistle's New Dress

Miss Thistle (A Fairyland Nanuri head on a Mini Moe body) has been wearing stuff belonging to the much larger Minifee sized Kalypso (Kalypso is a ShuShu head on a Soulkid body), but today I made Thistle a quick dress from a  human dress given to me by Chalyss. The original dress had a smocked top and since it was meant for a person, I have a ton of glorious purple patterned fabric to work with. The finished doll dress is just a simple tube with a few decorations and a halter of beads, but it was fun to do and fits her well because of the smocking. Moe upper bodies are very slim!

I am going to make a little lace underskirt for her as well, right now it is very summery and skimpy.

Here's a photo K took with a glitter notebook in back. You can see how it's not the most professional faceup, but it is cute at a slight distance :D