Granado Jupiter Head on a Iplehouse NYID Body

I had this cute Jupiter head, but I am not really a fan of the Embody or Evol body's joints. Then I had this extremely thrifty body from the DoA marketplace (I had wanted one anyway so that I would have all three sized of Iplehouse bodies for comparisons and hybrid questions). So just out of curiosity I put the Jupiter head on the NYID body-- and it fits well! The color is off, but that is something that can be fixed with blushing. The Jupiter head was a problem for other hybrids since the neck is so large--it gaps A LOT when you put it on either the old Granado bodies (which I love) or any other "normal" bjd male body. The Jupiter head won't work on the SID body, it's just too small. But on the NYID body it's pretty good! (He does need his hair, I just can't find the right box that contains his fur wig.) More pix:

I will probably get him some jointed hands when I have a chance to look around for them.

Body blushing would definitely help the look here.

You can see that SID pants are too large for the NYID body :D The body is nice, reasonably posable and it's not hard to find clothing for it from Iplehouse and other places--as long as you want "regular clothes".