Iplehouse Sale and Some Returns

So there is a nice sale of the Basic lines going on through July at Iplehouse:

In July, we prepared a discount event to give back to the love and support of many people. 

During the event, all characters of Iplehouse Basic Line are sold at a 10% discount. 

Event Period: 2018/07/02 ~ 2018/07/31 

Please come and enjoy the charming characters of this event that you have always wanted. 

Thank you for always loving Iple House.

There are two returning dolls as well, the beautiful Harace in her Haute Couture outfit and SID Vanessa. Harace doesn't have to scowl, by the way, the blank face is actually rather sweet:

It's the angle of the brows, I think. Harace is not part of the sale,  since she is a special still.