Santa at Bass Pro Shops

Yes, we went to check out Santa at the Bass Pro shop, and he and the decorations did not disappoint. Though I think that it is important to "know your deer" because if you shoot a reindeer at Christmas you are very likely to get a coal in your stocking, even though you may be up on your target practice:

You are a lot safer hunting gators. I found this stuffed gator very tempting, though he was the wrong scale for the dolls:

Did you buy a boat for your cat for Christmas? Bass Pro has all the stuff you need to keep your boat clean, especially if it is cat sized. (I can't really see washing the USS John F. Kennedy with just a bottle or two of these:

I would love to have this in my stocking at Christmas, but it wasn't for sale and I doubt Santa could get it down the chimney, even if I had one:

I did find two doll-sized shirts and a stocking stuffer or two for J, and we headed home.

The gingerbread house looks even more ramshackle today...I think it's going to be a "scrape off" instead of a repair property :D :


  1. As handy as J is with tools and things, I'd have snuck some all sides photos of that bench.

    Nothing says Christmas like a model train set. ^_^ When ever someone asks me about the doll hobby, I use that as a starting point. "You know how model train enthusiasts go all out to make 'real scenes'? That's what BJDs are about. It's just as serous."

    1. That is an excellent way to describe the bjd hobby..model trains are viewed as "normal" and they involve the same kind of money or more, when you add all the bits and pieces. Once it warms up the woodshop will be open for business again..this morning it was 3 degrees below zero and there is no heat out there. :o


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