Gifts from K, More Soom Dia

K sent me these glasses from came with Cas smashed, though the image of him was fine and he was sitting in a pile of shards, which seemed sort of appropriate. I took the box and packaging to my local store and they swapped out the set for an unbroken set from the shelf with absolutely no hassle, which made me very happy. These glasses will only hold paint water and pencils, and will never be in the dishwasher.

I had to do a lot of other strange projects today, including some ant control (they come in when it's cold outside) but I did a first pass on my Soom Dia's face. I need to go over it again with a magnifying glass, but it's coming along. She looks really different from the bulk of the Dias I've seen painted, possibly because I am not the best painter, but she looks the way I wanted her to.


  1. NONSENSE! she's gorgeous! Leave her eyes alone and just fill in the eyebrows to even them up. The shaping is spot on! I love the expression and color of her eyes with that paint job/make up. and the filigree is going to look fabulous.


    1. i did even out the left-hand brow, and for now I will let her sit and think about it--she needs clothes too :D


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