The Pond, A Hockey Rink and A 3d doodler

The pond, bubbler free and frozen once more; it's cold enough that Norm across the street has set up his hockey rink, and it's frozen--year before last he put it up and then it was unseasonably warm, so he didn't put in in last year. I think he figures that he will put it up and it will get warm again to spite him, or be cold enough to be an outstanding skating rink, but either way it's a win/win. I think he still needs a small zamboni to keep it smooth.

My sister came for Thanksgiving and we sat around after dinner playing with a 3d doodler--it squirts out ABS and it's both cool and difficult to control.

My sister has more patience than I do and she figured out how to build upward with the help of a skewer--the things that looks like someone starting a pen are my attempts, and the things that look like things are hers. I think I will save my doodles for applique on some hapless doll's outfit. :D