A Cheerio Box..

...a shoelace, some shirt pins, a paper towel, some picture wire, part of a 4 way mirror box, and a slurpee top, all glued into some kind of infernal doll prop machine.

Oh, and bamboo skewers and a quartz crystal.


  1. Hmmm. Are you sure this is what the cat wanted? <-----Joke!

    It is an awesome thing. Can we see a photo from further back, please?

    Raj (just in case my browser didn't work yet again with ad block on.... ignore this if you get two!)

    1. It's a little sketchy as it's part of a photoshoot for the Granado Contest, so there is more parts to it (that I haven't built yet). This was just a lighting test to see if the middle would light up with just one light. The cat is sort of afraid of it as it tends to fall over with a lot of flopping and rustling. J calls it a "dollie wormhole," I think it's a warp core. :D

    2. It is more than awesomeness! I'll wait patiently for the contest photos!



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