Granado Anne and Soom Jethro The Giant

She's the result of some doll churning, and I am happy to have gotten her for a very good price, though I feel a bit guilty about it, and also because I wiped the very professional faceup she came with to put my own on. Her head is fairly small, Elfdoll size, and my Bad Fairy says that she would look awesome on the new Granado Maiden body. This would require sacrificing someone else, though, and I am not sure I am ready to do that yet.

Soom, in other news, is the master of the Stealth Release, and there is going to be "Jethro the Giant" which sounds a bit like they looked at Granado's Nico and decided to try a big guy themselves, and make it original by adding horns. (I just updated the link to his sales page, he's a Mega Gem, big but not Nico-sized. And he does have fun fantasy parts, big old hooves. Mostly I like his yellow eyes and outfit.)


  1. She looks like someone I would like to know. Love the face-up!

    1. She looks a lot like Sarah, one of Michael's twins..who are in high school now :o


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