Some Measurements for the New Super Gem Female Body (in cm)

On the left here is the old Super Gem Body (A Soom Monthly Doll Cass) and on the right is the new body in the form of the Cuprit Soulmate (in bronze). The old body measurements can be found on the Soom site, on the left hand side of the screen under the FAQ, but as you can see the new measurements are slightly different, so I selected the ever-patient Tatiana,

and did some measuring on my own.

I like doing these photos because you can see where I measured, which helps some for making clothes. Personally I have to have the doll in hand to do a good job at creating patterns (especially pants) but this will at least give you an idea of the size. The new bodies ARE smaller than the old ones!

-- The waist on the new body is 17.5 cm.

--The bust is 26.5.

--The hip is 26.5.

--The thigh at the top of the Easy Pose piece is 16cm.

--The calf is 11.5 cm.

For pants, by the way, the inseam measurement I got, crotch to ankle, was 31cm.

-- The crotch depth around was 23 cm.

Here is the waist-to-floor, 41.5cm:

Here is the legpiece hip-to-floor, 36cm:

Here are some back measurements:

--8cm across the shoulder blades on the torso piece.

--11cm from nape of neck to waist.

-- This is the circumference under the armpits and above the bust, 23cm (as if you were doing a strapless top):

In the front, she is 8 cm across the collarbones shoulder to shoulder edge (not over the arm)

The neck measurement around the middle is 10 cm (same as the old one),

the length of the arm from the torso piece is 18cm, the circumference of the upper arm (8cm) forearm (7.5 cm) and hand (10cm) is here:

The wrist is 6 cm around the ball.

The feet are 7 cm long and 7 cm around the widest part of the foot, but you still have to mess around because of the height of the instep (which shoe mfg seldom tell you) and the stretchiness of the shoe. I know the heel feet on the new girls is smaller than the old foot, but they can still wear Mimiwoo cheapo heels.:D

Also, remember the leg measurement for the Simple Pose legs might be different, I don't have that option.