Road Stripes

Someone in the Public Works department has a crystal ball, because no matter what the weather on google or the radio says, if you see salt stripes on the road around here. it's going to snow. Like this:

Note that it is a bright sunny day--I can't tell you how often last year I went over to the post office in fine weather and looked down and said awww, snow is coming...even when the weather people insisted it would be fine. I picture somebody's Uncle Joe sitting in the salt truck, flexing his "snow knee", and telling the crews to load up. So here is the snow:

It doesn't look like much, but it's super slippery, slush on ice, which is probably why the salt was put down so heavily during the week.

Here are some bubbles frozen in the pond:

I had to put cat litter on the front steps; and next week it's supposed to drop down to subzero temperatures. Winter is finally here! Maybe Norm will be able to use his hockey rink, finally.