Haru Casting

Now that I have switched to Chrome, I can read Ilsonya's blog again (Chrome translates automatically), and she had a link to Haru Casting, a Korean-based casting service that looks like it's not too far from Soom. I had always assumed that Soom did their own casting, but it would make sense if they either farmed it out or sent out pieces when the order load got too heavy (and it explains the occasional shipping mistake Soom has). In any case, what I found fascinating was the color palette that Haru offers, as shown here:

Now you have to mentally add a yellow shade to some of the colors to picture how resin will age over time (though they say they have essentially UV cut as part of the resin). The first purple Migmas have shown a tendency to fade to a olivish color, and the blues green a little. Of course the oranges and golds would stay the same. I'm looking at these pots and I want a Cyborg in each color. :D I want to see if Soom starts offering that blue blue at least.

Also, Haru Casting has the world's cutest Tumblr blog, which is bjd's mixed with their own process (which is really cool) and occasional pix of their lunches and guitars.