Doll Clothes from Dorset!

Those are stretch velour pants! They are so wonderful to put on--no fuss, fit perfectly, and a gorgeous velvety texture! I also love the top, I want to find more fabric with these neon colors to make 80's glam space kitten stuff for Bex. :D

Hot pink! Orange! Electric blue! (All the colors, coincidentally, that look horrible on me, so I am so glad to have dolls that can parade around in them. Here is more fun stuff--metallic leggings:

Shiny, shiny metallic leggings (hand wash cold, if at all)

And Simone even sent a little knitty scarf/boa, which Tanglewyn immediately claimed:

And one extra photo of Bex:

I received one more EID shirt (with polka dots!) but the dollie recipient was strangely unwilling to wear it, so I may take it in a little to fit the New Soom Girl body and let my rockabilly android Cherry wear it instead. Dolls are so fussy.