Saturday, January 31, 2015

Iplehouse EID and Impldoll Idol

Here they are,by request from chalyss, hauled from out of the closet-- Iplehouse Aurora and an Impldoll Delia. The Delia is taller at 70 cm, and you can see the difference better in this Not Safe For Work photo. The Impldoll Delia body will take Iplehouse heads, though the Impldoll Delia neck is slimmer than the Iplehouse neck, and the colors aren't an exact match: though Impldoll does offer a color matching service (I have never used it). There are some other differences and similarities--the Impldoll Delia torso is more elongated and thinner than the EID, though the bust is bigger (Delia's bust is a whopping 30 cm). The general style is similar to a scaled-up version of the old, smaller 65 cm Impldoll Star body, but Delia is missing the mobility cut in the thigh and the upper arms that the old Star body had. I think Impldoll was the first company to do these cuts, though Resinsoul came in close behind (both are Chinese companies). Iplehouse later adopted the thigh cut for their own dolls, here you can see the Delia borrowed Iple's way of keeping the bust joint propped forward:

I think Iplehouse did the first interior cross-stringing at the pelvis, and this has become standard for any doll that doesn't have hip cuts; Soom, Granado and here Impldoll have all adopted this, though I prefer the old method of stringing in the hips (my Aurora is the old, straight-strung EID body and she stays tight and poses perfectly). Here is the cross stringing in the Impldoll Delia:

Like my Granado girls, the Impldoll Delia has a tendency to want to cross her legs when she stands, though she does stand pretty well anyway.

My Aurora on the other hand stands so well I can actually walk away to get the camera:

With her arm extended, even. The elbow on the EID is nicer than the Delia's, but it's a complex piece with an insert and stops--I didn't pull it out to show it, but it's a lot more difficult to cast than the stirrup-style elbow on the Impldoll Delia. First is a blurry photo of the EID elbow, then the Impl Delia elbow:

The Impldoll Delia has a better wrist, though, IMO; it's a ball style without the "C" insert and it allows for a good range of motion without a little wonky bit of loose resin:

Here is the EID with the C piece:

You can see how it's slipped around to gap a little. Also I prefer the ball-style ankles on the Impldoll to the odd ones of the Iplehouse dolls (they ALL have funky ankles at Iplehouse).

You can see some other Impldolls here--I've liked the ones I have had; this Delia (bought second-hand) a Star Christopher, several Star boy bodies, and a Chapman head. Polly the Harpy is also on a Impldoll Star body. I also recently ordered an Impldoll Azalea because she has elf ears, something Iplehouse doesn't offer as a regular thing. Also the price difference is considerable, (Impldoll is about half the cost of an Iplehouse doll) though that may change as the sculpts at Impldoll improve and they try new things. Denver Doll acts as an agent for Impldoll, though Impl itself has good English support and is friendly and pleasant to work with directly.


  1. Aurora is channeling Courtney Love, LOL!


    1. She just needs a little tilted tiara on top of that mop of blonde hair :D


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