Stay Up Late

This cat was a total bedhog last night, and now *she* is the one yawning. I spent today keeping her awake by scrubbing floors, moving her toys, vacuuming and generally annoying her in revenge. I also put in Bex the Iplehouse Rebecca's Glow In The Dark Eyes-- and while here is a photo of them in the light, I wasn't able to get a clear photo of her in the dark, partly because I was giggling so much. You know those cartoons where the lights go out and the characters eyes are white against the dark? It looks just like that.

I found a wig style I like for her, though I have to order her the correct color, since all I have besides the black is a sort of purple, which isn't right either. Once I get my last Granado photo contest entry done, I can work on some clothes for her that are more SF than just modern.