Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Iplehouse Head Yard Sale

Iplehouse seems to do Spring Cleaning this time of year, and the heads that have been rolling around in a box in the back get put out (I'm actually surprised they don't hang onto them and auction them, but maybe they just want to clean out.) Here is the list of heads:

Leonard _ Light brown

Kamau _ Special real

Kamau _ Peach gold

Rex _ Peach gold

Luo _ Light brown

Dreaming Akando _ Normal

Evan _ Normal

Luo _ Normal

Ashanti _ Ebony

Carina _ Special real

Lee _ Special real

V.Claude _ White

D.Claude _ Normal

V.Claude _ Normal

V.Claude _ Gray

V.Claude _ Light brown

Edan _ Normal

Felix _ Normal

Soo _ Special real

Rebecca _ Peach gold

Justin _ Special real

Rexy _ Normal

Bianca _ Normal

Bianca _ Peach gold

Gentle Freezia _ Normal

Iris _ Normal

Joshua _ Peach gold

Daniel _ Peach gold

Boris _ Normal

Benny _ Normal

Tatiana _ Normal

Tania _ Normal

Kassia _ Peach gold

JID Asa _ Special real

Lonnie _ Normal

Lonnie _ Peach gold

F.Lisa _ Normal

F.Lisa _ Gray

Ringo _ Normal

Ringo _ Peach gold

Bonny _ Normal

Bonny _ Special real

Peekaboo _ Special real

Dorothy _ Normal

Blooming _ Normal

Twinky _ Special real

These heads are from cancellation, or mistakenly double manufactured.

If you are looking for only head parts, this opportunity will be perfect for you!!

Period: 16:00 pm on 22nd of Jan. (Korean time)

We will release head list on beginning of next week..

Color can be slightly different due to manufacturing time difference.

In case of dolls, we do not consider little speck, and some small bubbles as problems,

Please be aware that we don't offer exchange or refund due to above reason.

* Layaway will not beoffered.

* If you want to add face up, please use Custom Make up.

* If too many users access at same time, counting disorder can occur.

In above situation, we will sell the head to a customer who has ordered first and rest order will be cancelled.

* Your order will be sent when last item is finished.

Personally I have had not much luck in hybriding Iple heads--the best combo I found was an old Super Gem girl body and a WS EID Jessica head--the WS and NS will go with some other company bodies, but the neck hole is big. Granado Bronze matches Iple Light Brown but you need a neck spacer or some neck modding. You can find bodies on the DoA MP, but you have to sort of lurk for a month or two to find the color/size you want. In the end you will save something like 100-200 dollars if you can find a used body, though!

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