Warp Core and possum

The cardboard prop is done! Photos were taken, which meant I wasn't on the computer much, or outside--though I did look out the window, and we have a possum. He or she is living under the shed, and is pretty cute-- since it's not living where I live.

I prefer possums to raccoons--the possums aren't as handy with their fingers.


  1. Possums are very dangerous to cats, especially elderly or young ones, who have no idea of how to fight or why they should defend themselves, so watch out, and warn friends with cats!


    1. I'm the only one around here with cats--not counting the feral ones that live up the hill in the neighbor's shed. I think we've always had possums around but this one happened to get caught on film. We have coyotes and hawks as well so it's wild kingdom out there.

    2. The possums we have out here in So Cal are vicious, but they've been tested and not found rabid. I guess life is just tougher for them out here so they are more aggressive.



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