More Tauriel (Simplicity 1347)

We ended up getting a costume pattern to make something like the rest of Tauriel's outfit--the plaid belt you see here is the back of what will be the "real belt", which will be made of the same soft pleather the bracers are made of. The pattern was designed to be easy to sew but I hated the way they handled the waist elastic, and be sure you buy single fold, not double fold, 7/8 bias tape for the casing or you will be messed up. The belt and bracers pattern parts are cool, though. K did most of the work cutting out the squishy jersey fabric, and I just assembled. The pattern makes the skirt long, and then expects you to just cut it to whatever length you want; and it's good to get fabric that doesn't need hemming as the pattern assumes you won't put in a skirt hem on this view. The other views would make a cute nightgown or even a crop top (it has some Daenarys stuff put in there as well as the "coincidentally looks like Tauriel" version A.
Go here to see the bracers!
J also went out to the shop and cut K a bowframe (to be built up with papier mache). The shop is not heated and it was so cold the tablesaw wouldn't start, so he ended up using a sabre saw.