Iplehouse Hands, Feet, and Horns

Iplehouse is doing a fantasy parts sale! Here is the notice:

Hello, this is Iplehouse.

On flood of requests, we decided to release fantasy parts (hands, feet and horns) from from Jan.12th - Jan.18th.

During the period you can order fantasy parts separately without the doll,

so if you have been looking for fantasy parts do not miss this chance!

- Wing parts will not be offered since they require special torso.

- EID Demon parts, YID_Boy hands, BID horns will not be offered.

Thank you for your time.

The claw hands are very elegant; they are modified NYID hands (at least the ones that came with Bianca were that way).


  1. Clawed feet or shoes? That's the question. If she has clawed feet, that solves the whole shoe problem right there.


    1. I have always liked the hooves/claw feets/fins option to deal with shoes :D


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