Amadiz Assassin

That is an Iplehouse Asa, costumed and wigged by George Ramensky. (Studio Amadiz)

She's styled to look like an Aion Assassin (I don't play, myself, but I love the styling and the costumes). If you visit Studio Amadiz's flickr (and you should) remember that it is mildly Not Safe For Work and there is some elegant but bloody Hannibal stuff--on the other hand you will never see more gorgeous bjd clothing and wigs.

If you are at work and just want to see wigs, check out the Etsy, here:

He also has some great short wigs, which are so hard to find. I assume shipping is via EMS, I haven't heard any complaints about receiving items from the Studio.

In local news, I have maybe some ice in a pipe somewhere in the basement, which means I have very little water pressure upstairs. I spent some time with a hairdryer downstairs, and then did the adult thing and gave up and went upstairs and logged onto Tumblr instead of trying to wash dishes. Tomorrow I can call the plumber.

UPDATE-- Never mind, there is a backhoe and two Public Works trucks on the street-- the main is broken,so that is why I have almost no water-- so thank goodness I don't have to figure out "what is going on in the basement."