Friday, April 14, 2017

Party Girls

Hecate and Five Eyes, probably around 2Am somewhere :D Five Eyes has a body, the Loongsoul big busted body formerly supporting Laurel's head, and it's the right size for her large head (She is intended as a male sculpt, so she actually fits better on boy bodies.) Here is one reason I wanted to take Laurel off of it:

Yes, that is four pounds, nine point five ounces. Laurel is supposed to be outside a lot, and that is a heavy body to lug across public parks with a camera.

Laurel says the weight is all on top. I do need to make her a new top, since this crocheted thing is too big for the smaller Fantasia bust. The new Fantasia body is fun to pose and feels a lot lighter without the resin feeling thin or plasticy.

 The wired arms are strong, too--the beads here are fairly heavy and she supports them without any problem.

I did a lot of gardening and weeding today but took no photos (it was really muddy). I put in two peppers and bought a cherry tomato, some fennel and a lot of bee balm, which I will try to find a sunny spot to plant them in, so they won't get mildewy. It's been a problem every time I have tried to grow bee balm-- I know it's possible here, since they have a huge bed of them at the Arboretum, but maybe I am overwatering them.

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