Saturday, April 15, 2017

Valentine, Again

About 5 years ago I bought a Simply Divine Harlequin head from Ebay, and he had various adventures on various bodies; and then I was tired of catering to his whims and I sold him to Girrl, and now he is Athenais the Magnificent at her place. But I missed his funny little face and I also ended up with a Heliot body, which is actually big enough to support Harlequin's large noggin. So once again I have a Harlequin head (this time from Lachlana) and this time I swear I will make him some clothes instead of having him schlep around in a loaner robe all day. Here are his feets:

The tattoos are easier than I thought--it turns out that if you use ground pastel and water it is easier to get a small sharp painted line that using liquid acrylics, and you can dab off mistakes. Sealing is important, though :D

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