Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today Petra, the Leftover Gray Beryl arrived! And I love her so much ...I don't even miss the fantasy parts, she is just right as is. Here is the usual blue box:

Stuffs in the box:

Head first--so well painted! You can't see it here but she has sparkles dusted on:

The pillows are a bit new--white fabric now, and with a much higher quality zipper, which I appreciate!:
The headless body :D She is a pinky gray, not a blue gray.

Once I got her untangled from the pillows, I stood her up and discovered that her arms could not be raised above her head. If you get a body like this DO NOT FORCE THE ARMS. While Soom has reinforced that part of the arm (at least on this Beryl) you will crack it if you pull on it. The fix is easy--for some reason Soom puts 3mm elastic in there and that is too large--it completely stuffs up the joints. So you need to carefully tug off a wristball, unstring the arms, and restring them with 2mm elastic, with a loop about 23 cm from side to side with the elastic doubled. All the parts are well labelled:

See how big the elastic is? That is too much. Here are the arms laid out:

Using a ribbon and a hemostat to keep the loop the same on the far side while I tugged on the near side, I got her all restrung. Now to pop the C covers back on:

And success! She can raise her arms up out to the side:

And with a quck temporary dress:

Meeting Stripey: (Stripey says "I like your wig!")

And so you can see the sparkles in her faceup--Soom did an amazing job:

Someone asked about her eyes and they are Ersa Floras--I think they are called "Oil Slick"


  1. She's so lovely!! Congratulations on the new girl :D

    1. Thank you so much! Soom Beryls are totally my weakness for some reason :D


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