Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Impldoll Deborah/Soom Sweet Witch

I just loved Impldoll's Deborah head, with her cute little teef and bat ears..but I did not love her body. I fiddled around with it by restringing it like a Soom doll, and that helped, but at the same time I never much liked Impl's hands or general body sculpting as much as Soom's, so Chalyss took away the original Star body, and then Marina went to snooze in a box while I waited for the right ws body to show up. It needed to be a newer, post 2015 Soom body because I needed a more Mighty White to match the head. Then I saw that Angela_Valentine had listed a Sweet Witch body on Den of Angels, and it was perfect! Here is the body when I unwrapped it:
Soom Sweet Witch Parts
So many fun pieces! Marina won't use the fancy feet, tail or hands, but I am glad to have them--the feet with shoes are magical :D

Now on the body! I did mess a little with the wings, they are so cute. Like Migma, they have small "hangar" parts you pop in first:

Angela sent the most wonderful little gifts, too: Hair for Raisin:

Shoes for Kalypso the Souldoll/Shushu:

And flat boots!! for Petra--they make her super stable:

Soom Beryl SO

I actually spent most of the day outside doing yardwork--mowed, planted moss, weeded and so on.
My neighbor's cherry is in bloom:

I have a good mullein starting in one of the beds:


And tulips that I snipped off and brought inside, since last week's tulips were getting a little flopsy:


  1. LOVE the hair with the orange highlights matching her colors!
    the wings are working now I hope?

    Shushu is very cute! (didn't think you collected that size for some reason...)

    1. I actually just wrapped them up to deal with later, since I had to mow today (push mower, 1/2 acre) and do some other chores. Thank you about the wig! I really love that wig; if they weren't so expensive it would be fun to play with dyeing more wigs.
      Shushu is actually from when I was first collecting and I couldn't afford much more than used heads..my first guy was on a cloth body for a while. Shu is painted by a friend from when I lived in NJ-- so I have kept her in spite of her being the house midget :D (I have a Granado Terra and a little Resinsoul Ju too..it's hard to shoo away ALL the minis! But yes, I don't really collect that size!<3

  2. 1/2 acre? that's a lot! the smell of cut grass though must be wonderful. but of course I'm just sitting at a desk exercising my imagination vs. actually mowing / doing chores. XD

    You dyed the wig? How fun! Did you have to bleach it first? Love the vibrancy and really suits Marina well. Did you make it as well?

    Cloth body? That's a great idea! I have all these floating heads. maybe they don't all need bottle molded resin bodies / stands!

    That's awesome Shushu's history and Ju's a cutie! Of course, Terra too. I'm sure they keep the tall people on their toes. ;D

    1. The funny thing about the push mower is you don't get much smell--it doesn't cut at the speed a power mower does. But it's easy to start and the bees can escape from it, which is not true of a power mower. Also maintenance is pretty easy ;)


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