Monday, April 17, 2017

Miss Bliss

I am going to stop buying Iplehouse dolls. I get sucked into the fabulous quality and the fact that they can send them out in less than 2 months..and then they just sit on the shelf. I think the problem is that they look like the characters that are set for them at Iplehouse, and not my characters; and I also am bad at painting super realistic sculpts.  So I listed Bliss for sale, and almost instantly a local collector asked about her--I was so grateful because the shipping was SO CHEAP and I also managed to find all the parts that were supposed to be included--after four hours of rummaging. But I also found a lot of other small lost things, so it's all good.
Bliss might even get some clothes, now at her new place :D (This dress was taken off a porcelain doll)

I will admit that if I found a NS Iplehouse Rebecca head, I would probably buy it. (Looks shifty)

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