Random Sunday Photos

ATYL sent me this gorgeous card of a cherry tree--I love pop-up cards and this is one of the most artistic ones I have seen! She also sent me this adorable little figure of a blue cat with a fish, and he now lives up on the shelf with my motley collection of other figures. He might be the cutest ;)

The last few days have been cold and stormy, but the garden is doing fine even with the extra water. Here are the lilacs:

My other neighbor Ed's cherry tree:

A lost temple near the air conditioner:

And the view out of my porch of the neighbor to the south of us. 

The house is empty now--no longer do we get dramatic visits from the police or the ambulance company, nor do we get to enjoy late night yelling sessions on the lawn. But the house probably needs to be sold since it is no longer in rentable shape, and the most likely outcome is that a builder will come and put a Mc Mansion to match the other ones in the neighborhood, which will leave me a view of neat blue siding a foot away from the property line, instead of bunnies and dandelions, and I will no longer get winter sun in the dining room. K laughed at me complaining that "The McMansion is blocking my view of the rusting junker truck!" but in fact I kind of like the truck. And I like how peaceful it all is now!


  1. aww is he offering the pretty aspara mermaid his fish? ^^

    1. Hehe it looks like it! He so totally fits in here! Thank you for letting him come live here!

  2. thank you for housing him! he does look totally at home! :D


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