The Money Toad

He is a Loongsoul boy and he might be a lucky money toad...or maybe a lucky money newt..for some reason I think he is the cutest little frog (?) boy ever, with his little chibi kaiju friend. He does have a name: Jin Chan-Shine. I am guessing he is not a lucky fish because of the webbed toes, but otherwise his taxonomy is mysterious. :D

If you want to check him out more, visit the Loongsoul Limited page at Alices' Collections. Alice's is lovely to buy from--everything is slow, but it does come and they are sweet and easy to deal with (I always get the shipping wrong when I fill out their order page, and instead of telling me I ride the short bus, they send a friendly email telling me what I still owe them ;) They are also still doing pre-orders for Loongsoul dolls, which can have Dollshe-like waits (up to almost a year). It's really one of the only things that have kept me from buying more of their dolls..well, that and the money thing. I saw this lady while I was there too: "The Western White Tiger"

Fantasy Feets:

Whoever does their photography is brilliant; and the dolls are great, too-- Girrl has a lot of the big boys, and when I had Morgan as a rolling head I thought he was awesome, if overly large for all the bodies I had here. The resin is smooth and heavy. The silly "Big Boob" body that White Tiger is on is really super for posing, stable and graceful and well-made. It's just hard to find shirts that fit :D Everyone I know who has gotten the fantasy sets loves them; though that might be from having such an investment of time as well as money. Mint on Card sort of sells them, but only things that Lindsay has in stock, which is usually very little :( It's not a bad place to look at photos, though.