Saturday, April 8, 2017

Miss Nephelin, Miss Migma and an Odette..and a Possum

So here was my attempt at getting a "cheap White Skin old Soom Super Gem body" for Honey, my Soom Cass. While this Soom Nephelin was extremely affordable, (less than half of what a new one would have cost back in 2011) she has...a head. So I couldn't bring myself to take it off and put Honey's head on it. I have also gotten used to Honey on that ridiculous Longsoul boy body... so here is  "Liana", who now is going to cost me a little more as I have a "Want to Buy" on Den of Angels for her default horns and wig. Though I think I can make her a somewhat similar braided wig myself. Also I may darken her faceup a little--it may have faded a bit over time from the original. But she is very sweet! I had thought I could put her on Dragael's body and time-share, but I had forgotten that Dragael has Normal Skin resin, and Dragael was also was having none of this body sharing nonsense:

I do have wings for her, thanks to Cat--I just need to paint them.

Having been a fail at getting a body on the first try, I went back and found an even better deal in the form of a Soom Migma (Soom must have made hundreds of Migmas, there are so many) So here is Miss Migma..and she has a faceup by Jay Searle! SO CUTE:

So she is keeping her body too. Bonus head--a Soom Odette head from..2015, I think:

I tell you, Odette is tiny. Like  Souldoll Zenith tiny--she would fit on my small Granado Maiden body and she is the same color "normal pink" as the Granado body. I think she would match a Souldoll Zenith body as well. I'm glad I didn't order her when she was new at Soom-- because if you thought the Snow White was a small head on her body, I think Odette might be *even smaller*, maybe even to the point of fitting a stretchy size 7/8 wig. She is lovely though, and when I get paid again I might order a Zenith body for her. But if you think you want to put an Odette head on one of the old pre-2012 bodies, that isn't going to work visually..she would just perch on top.

Anyway, I now have several heads I need to fix up. And as a bonus, here is the promised possum--she was eating leftover pineapple out of the compost heap, in daylight.

I walked out so she made a break for the back of the shed, where Mr. Skunk lives.

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