Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dollshe Erica Snow

This is to give you an idea of how tall she is:D. I really liked Erica Snow, but these big Dollshes are out of my price range unless Mr. Dollshe decides suddenly he needs cash for the rent and does a quick sale, which I usually miss. But Jo was willing to give me an extremely good deal on Erica, so she arrived Saturday while I was at the doll meet, and J signed for her. Giant box:

 He is a very good sport about the doll mania here. This is Erica out of Dierdre's gardening dress (the dress, while not flattering on Erica, is easy to get on and I knew where it was).

See? Hip cuts. Mr. Dollshe is fly to posing. Here she can hold her arm at full extension:

Peanut-style joints let her touch her face:

ID plate to discourage recasters:

Stainless plate to prevent hook damage on the head (the neck has this feature too):

The white thing held in with tape is her tooth plate, and I decided I preferred her without it, since she is a specific character. She is the replacement for the weird Granado Gabe/ Bronze supergem "Ereshkigal" that I had--the head and the body were two different colors and the Gabe head wasn't blushed too evenly, and I wasn't willing to dye him. Eresh has a huge box of supergem-sized clothes still, but alas they are too small--Erica's waist and neck are different than the Soom bodies so I will have to make her some new things. Even her old eyes didn't really fit well--and these Doll Bakery eyes are 12mm and still too large, I think, for the smaller Erica eyewell:

She is also borrowing Nikki's wig, which she cannot keep. Here she is painted, though I need to adjust her lips to be more symmetrical--this is her "good" side:

I ended up using some "sculpey/Modge Podge jewelry gloss" homemade eyes for her, because the eyewells take such a small, very round eye--almost 11mm with a small iris. I'm finding I am making a lot of eyes for the dolls because it's so hard to find the right size. If you make your own, you can see what it is going to look like before you spend 20-30 for eyes. One more pic, with her in one of her own clothing items:

If you want to see a professionally painted Erica, go to the dollshe site and look for photos of "Donatella Crow". Just amazing!

She needs lashes--I found some blue ones for Marina but I am still hunting for some good black ones.
Here's a moody photo of Ereshkigal Ver 2 in the mirror:

Bonus photo--evening raccoon eating a banana past it's sell-by date. I'm going to have to stop putting kitchen stuff in the compost for the summer.


  1. She is really stunning! Congratulations!!! I'm so jealous of all your outdoor critters, too.

    1. Thank you! All you need is a compost pile--then you get bonus possums! (But I have never had a bat) :D

  2. Erica is a beauty! I love the look in her eyes, she looks like a strong woman. The design details like the stainless plate are so great too! Congratulations with this lovely doll :-). Ell

    1. Thank you so much! A lot of thought went into her design; she poses well too! <3

  3. I love what you have done with her. The face-up is so very good. I have sold my other Snow doll and decided to just stick with the slightly smaller Ausley bodies. Have two of the Dianas on order...hope I like them. ;)

    1. I have only seen the small Dianas, they look nice! Erica really is a beautiful doll, I love how much thought went into her details. Thank you again! <3


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