Monday, April 3, 2017

Miracle Doll Jing on a Soom Girl Body

Here is 5 Eyes on a Super Gem body--her head fits fine, but the neck looks a little long. This is a Nephelin body, with the wings, but I have complicated things by buying the head from Littlebirdzoom, so there will be a matching Nephelin head for this body AND I have the wings, though I need to paint them. I still have an extra Resinsoul boy body I can put 5 Eyes on, but then I will have two girls that need clothes, on non-standard bodies. I also could just wait like a normal human for the bodies I have "on order" to arrive. Waiting is hard. :D


  1. I already see it! She's pointing to herself saying 'me me me first'!! Thank you for giving her a home :)

    1. She's so fun! I did put her on the Resinsoul Long body for now and she actually looks good, though she needs a wig now :D Thank you for sharing her with me!


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