Thursday, April 27, 2017

Some Chitown Dollz Meetup Pix

Just a few, because a lot were pretty terrible photos, and my notes were equally terrible. But here is a couple of Akutenshi7's cuties, above. Here are some more at random:

I believe that one is actually a Dollfie Dreams Reimu, my handwriting was ...squiggly.

Vampire Angel is so much fun. I just knew her as the owner of a million Dollmore Kara Klums, but she also is a graphic artist and has more dolls than the Souldoll Junia above!

This brilliantly styled centaur is owned by Fairy Fox Princess, who I would have given the prize to for "best dressed doll," in all her Lolita splendor:

And *pink boots*. (Dies).

Anyway, it was so much fun. I should have taken more photos but I was shopping and socializing instead :D


  1. one of these days I'll get over my paranoia of driving on the expressway... thank you for sharing the pics!! fab dolls, and looks like great fun!

    1. I feel your pain! (J drove me--it's a 60 mile round trip and I only take my car places I can walk back from ;)

  2. So many interesting dolls (that Bishonenhouse Steve is wild)!

    1. Those Bishonen House guys have really grown on me--they are sort of big msd/small Idealian size (around 54) and have different expression faceplates and changeable hair (all molded) You get them in kit form and if you are willing to sand and clean up you can get a discount. I love their funny faces and "garage kit" roots!


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