Sunday, April 9, 2017

Shipping Notice!

It looks like I really did get the last leftover Beryl from the Smoky Gray batch! It's hard to tell sometimes what is going on when you order dolls--I am not sure, for example, if my Fantasia Doll Canary will ever materialize, but seeing as I have been ordering things randomly from strangers in other countries for ten years now, usually with good results, I am still hopeful :D

But I am very excited about Beryl.. I wanted to order her when she came out originally, but at the time Soom was having one of it's occasional nervous breakdowns -- and things looked very uncertain, so I held off (though I did buy the wig, which was a good call--it is a glorious wig). Because I waited, I won't be getting her horns or her hooves, just the human new body, a faceup and the heely feet. She will be styled differently too--she is a Lithomancer, a stone-shaper and I think a friend of Ashley the Pyromancer, since they will look like cousins. So here is a happy dance for the occasion!

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