Friday, April 28, 2017

Iplehouse CREAA Sara and Zinnia

Totally coincidentally with Soom releasing a new Fairy Legend, Iplehouse has rolled out two more slim 47 cm girls in the slim, fairylike style of their Psyche. Unlike Psyche, these girls have cute little faces. You can order the outfits with the girls, and there is a makeup A and B.
Sarah and Zinnia's sales page.


  1. ack! why didn't they keep going with psyche face? :P don't need any more dolls! just talked myself out of 2nd round of souldoll loose heads :P, and spent yesterday putting together a doll drawer unit. ugh!

    1. Just to tempt you to buy them! I was immune to Psyche, and though I love how these look I know I would never sew for those tiny bird arms and legs. Souldoll heads are always a problem, though :D


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