Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fantasia Doll

I know a lot of people are waiting for their Fantasia dolls, and I am hoping that theirs will come soon too! Even though the artist at Fantasia (Jung Eui Noh) has only a bit of English, I found them to be very good at keeping me up to date with what was going on even with the delays. Here is the big gorgeous box. This is the nicest doll box I have ever gotten! Very heavy, with a gorgeous photo of Sleepy Alice attached.
Here is someone in bubble wrap :D
She didn't come with a CoA--Fantasia said that the CoA's are still being made and that they would be sent later; they had problems with recasting (already! They started in 2016) so the head has lots of anti-recast features--Metal plate on the back:

Metal plate on the inside of the head:

Delicate markings on the inside of the headcap:

Canary head--she need size 12 eyes, these are 14mm that I put in to test. Small iris eyes would look the nicest, I think!

At this time they are not offering faceups, so blank is what you get.

And here is Canary, all unwrapped and still bald:

If you need to see more detailed and not-covered images, check the website here
The color in this photo is pretty close to her color--it's like Iplehouse Normal. I bought Canary as part of the 30% discount, which is why I got a complete doll instead of just the body. I wanted the body to put my Elf Chloe head on, since she was on a Loongsoul body with the HUGE bust and I really was having trouble sewing things that covered it neatly. It turns out that the Chloe head fits perfectly (I hacked the neck connector with a c shaped resin piece instead of a S hook, so the Chloe head latches shut without needing the special neck piece.) Also the resin match is close enough--Chloe's head is ever so slightly pinker.

Because it's a new company, you can see how the sculptor is still struggling a little with the engineering. The arms and legs are pre-wired as well as strung; the inside of the hips has the Iplehouse-style internal cross-stringing, and that makes the doll not pose as well as it should. IMO everyone should just give up on internal stringing and make hip slots and call it good. (I shake my tiny fist).

The hands are beeeoootiful! They are a little tricky to put on:

You have to hang them on the wrist hook, pull them out, and twist a little and ease them back in so the hook goes down the forearm--the wrist hooks have a little shelf they can sit on so you can easily pull the hands off and put them back on --it's quite clever! Sadly, Chloe/Laurel has her own jointy hands that don't work perfectly with the system, but she needs the bendy fingers for archery and other mischief.

This is the biggest problem with the internal hip stringing--sitting. The knees have to rotate out. Luckily Fantasia added more flexible knees, so while the knees pull out to the sides, the legs will actually bend and go down, though she would prefer to cross her legs to sit.

You can get her to stand with her feet apart, but if you move her around a bit, the legs snap together. None of this would happen with hip slots. -.-

Also, I noticed that while she has a good bust joint, she won't stay bent at all, and I was curious why the cuts on the underplate weren't catching.. and it is because there are no cuts or stops...just the screw(!!) holding in the upper plate of the torso. I'm thinking of putting a piece of craft foam in there and somehow using that screw for an anchor the craft foam down, so that the upper plate won't slide when you move it. I don't necessarily want to glue anything in there-- because you need to get into that section for restringing the doll. I haven't unstrung her to see what is going on in there-- because the tension is fine and I am scared :D

Overall, the quality of the resin is high and the sculpt is gorgeous; I am guessing there will be tweaks to the body in the future to improve the posing. The wired arms are fabulous.

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