NikaNika finds some issues in the Saiph full doll

This is the repair that she did of the thin places on the upper torso; it was especially thin at the hollow of the throat..paper thin..with thin areas between the breasts and over the collarbones. Her photos make more sense than my description; they can be found by going to the Russian version of the thread here:

And then click on this when you see it (second link down unless you also want to see her box opening too :):

фото изнутри

and it will expand to show her excellent photos. For some reason Google translate won't display the embedded images. NikaNika noted some problems with the legs as well, but there are no photos due to the location of the problem. I think if you have a recent Super Gem girl body, it would be good to check, and then to reinforce that spot around the neck and collarbones. Even a bit of canvas and glue might be enough to support and protect the resin there, but the epoxy is the best solution.