Shushu triumphant

I have been selling off parts and loose heads, and this morning I shipped out the Miyu Minifee head, which means that Kalypso the Shushu need not share anymore. I don't know about you, but I think she looks pretty smug here.

It was also warm enough yesterday that I redid the Davon head..I think he may end up being another one of those heads that I keep repainting, trying to get it right--but I like this faceup better than the last one.

The wig is still a problem, but fixable. I'm still waiting for his body--it's on order, and I would have ordered a girl body for the Gitana head if I hadn't had a dolly buying spasm and bought the Vesuvia.

It's also getting to be the time of year when I need to buy shoes, a visit from the electrician, and some flooring.:D