Painting (Virtual) Doll Heads

Gypsyangel is going to reissue one of her older V4 characters, "Zyanya" and wanted to add some new makeups as well as a new skin texture and new morphs, so I did a couple of animal-theme ones for her. I did some photoshopping on this test render--for one thing, right now I can't find most of my hair models (they are loaded on the old computer) and I didn't have Zya's skin for anything except her face, so I had to cover her pale little ears with my painted hair, and colorize her neck and shoulders.

Gypsyangel will most likely do her own lips, too--while these are fun, they aren't as professional as the ones she does. For some reason, no matter what version of Poser I am using, if I am making my own textures, I can color them perfectly; but I can't get Poser to make a fake texture of wrinkles AND make the lips shiny at the same time. Poser says I can have one, or the other, but not both. And no translucency, either. My only consolation is that I have never seen all those things at once in any one else's Poser render, either. Though if you are modelling in Z brush you can get great looking lips..that have about a million polygons in them :D