The Fairyland Chloe Body, strung

Fairyland redesigned their 65 centimeter Feeple body back in 2010, and came out with "Elf Chloe", with pouty lips and a bustline just under the Dollmore Lingerie Model size. I had no interest in her head (and she was incredibly expensive) but I was interested in the body, because it was supposed to "pose like a Minifee". So Neonraver gave me a deal on a used Chloe body and she arrived this week. I had assumed that Neonraver didn't care for the weight (I hefted Arianne02's Chloe and she was heavy), or was perhaps disappointed by the "snowflaking" that Fairyland resin sometimes gets on the surface..this body has a lot on the lower back, it doesn't bother me and you can't feel bumps if you run your finger over it.

So I played a bit with posing it, and noticed that the Saiph head, (still rolling around here unloved and unsold) matched the resin pretty well. So when I took my lunch break I thought I would pull the foot off the Chloe body, get some slack in the string, and then swap the neck key for an S hook and try the Saiph head on the body. Hah. (If I had read the instruction manual that came with the body, I would not have gotten such a surprise..but who reads those things?) My first hint that things were not going to go well:

What? Two part magnet feet? Also, the string would not move, at all. So I pulled on the knee to see what was going on in there.

Oh! It's like a Volks twist-off knee. The whole shin-and-foot assembly is it's own tiny string, with the knot living at the top of the calf, separate and under under this split ring when the leg is together, and the split ring loops over a resin hook in the shin.

So I took off the split ring,and slid apart the knee pieces and let the string go up inside the torso.(Knee pieces):

So then I tugged on the neck key, expecting it to slip. It didn't budge. So I took off the thigh. Then separated the torso from the bust, and pulled out the torso insert:

And this is why the damn neck key was still in there tight--there are two more sets of plates up under the collarbones.

The plate holding the knots removed

And at last, the farking neck key, which has been improved with the addition of the "bead" above the hook, which keeps the head from snapping to one side or the other (I sold a Shushu that did that in 2010, now I regret that the fix was so easy.)

The arms are held in with a ridge on one set of plates,magneted to the back, and four neodymium magnets, two at the end of the arms (with the knot in the center, and two on the inside plate. Madness. Here is the arm:

And the inside of the shoulder, looking in the arm hole, with the plate put back in:

And extra shot of the "ridges" that hold in the arms along with the magnets:

In the photo above you can see where I put in a brass ring instead of an S hook, since the Saiph head has a faceplate, I don't have to get the string up a neckhole. I've come to like faceplates. Now I had to put it all back together--I couldn't just leave it out in pieces, the cats would eat it, and if I bagged it up I would forget how it went together, so I was committed. So I continued to restring it.

Knots back in the plate, adding the torso plate, which had a B on it for the "back":

Putting in the hip plates (you have to slot them in from the top, with a "C" -like motion:

Luckily they are marked L and R and that is the direction they have to face.

The thighs went on (yay, just regular thighs), then the knees...getting the split ring back on was no fun, though the ribbon helps.

To get the shin on , the split ring has to rest on the upper set of teeth, you hook it on the resin hook, and then you pull it off the teeth and let it slide down to the lower set of teeth...this set that the ring is resting on in the photo is the upper set.

and the knee should shut. Don't put a small s hook at the top of the shin knot, it gets in the way of the split ring.-.-

Then I put the Saiph head on, at last:

And then she stood up fine.

This body does not sit though--no waist joint, little upper torso mobility because of all the..stuff...inside, and the hips are a bit fussy, though they do have the hip cuts. All the extra parts add to the weight and the cost of the body, and sadly it doesn't pose as well as my cheap, sturdy and simple Angel of Dream body, who has a 3 part torso...

and just elastic inside. But the Chloe body does look good with the Saiph head.

Here is still my champion poser: Tada! Angel of Dream, with her claw hands (and no seams anywhere).