The Madonna of the Penguins

K took this photo--somehow she did not get reflections off the exhibit glass, and her phone does better in low light than my camera does.

This is at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, where we spent most of Wednesday. The penguins follow the Penguin Madonna around, too:

Silly fun statue:

Special jellyfish exhibit!

Blue Iguana, making the perfect model dragon:

K and Sears Tower:

Chicago skyline looking north:

Not shown: Mexican axolotl, sea otters, humongous freshwater fish, coral reefs, sea horses, frogs and a giant anaconda possibly 30 feet long. We have no idea who gets to clean that cage. It was a very fun visit--you really need to like fish though because 90% of the exhibits are glorious fish in all colors and sizes. (I was hoping for a few more amphibians, but there are at least two zoos we have not visited yet.)


  1. The Aquarium of the Pacific out here, is small but amazingly big inside. But when you're standing in front of the huge wall aquarium, you can smell the fish cooking in the cafe. >.>;; For some reason...they have the absolute freshest fish on the menu, LOL!

    1. LOL! "We caught it fresh this mornng!" I've been to the Boston Aquarium and the Seattle Aquarium and each of them have been so different--all fun. The Seattle Aquarium used to have the most fun otter pair and the Boston one has great penguins. I still need to go see the Monterey one!


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