Once More, the Happy Dance of the Shipping Notice!

My Granado Sidonia has shipped! Depending on whether she gets put on a boat or a plane, it could be a week, or 14 days+. I think my Granado Terra came by the proverbial slow boat, but he did eventually come. In theory I will split her so that Sophie can have her body, and Sidonia will either have to wait, or she get Raisin's old ws Soom body, which seems the most likely at this point. We'll see if that happens when she comes...she may end up just staying a whole doll.

The Poser girl here is Rui for Dawn by fu-minn, so I have now rendered two Dawn promos. I have not yet made any commercial Dawn products myself yet, but I have made a new nose for her. I am not sure yet what the rules are for distributing new bits for Dawn are, so I have some research to do. Rui's little suit is a freebie by Pixeluna, over at Runtimedna.com (under the "zero price products")