Granado Sidonia Box Opening!

She's here! Stripey is not interested in boxes any more; the porch is full of boxes that we recently unpacked, so she is more interested in squirrels. But I was thrilled! Here Sidonia is nested in her Styrofoam:

And there was a nice note from Crocus Lee with her certificate! I admit the first thing I did when I took her out of the box was not stand her up, or put eyes in her, but to pull out her hip so I could see what the string is SUPPOSED to look like--and look! It's the end of the string that goes there!! (As a side note, Sidonia is much whiter than this--I have yellow overhead lights. You can see her color best in the last outside photo.) As soon as my shoulder is better, my Katrien is going to get restrung like this.

Because Sidonia stands and moves just fine:

Even with no eyes, such a cute face! And even nicer in person--the resin is translucent enough the camera does not show the tiny details in her upper lip or her forehead. I love her nose, too--it is adorable:

So now I put in her eyes and try on a wig--I need to make her a custom wig, but I don't want her to sit around bald waiting for me.

This one would be ok but it wants to cover her eyes and too much of her forehead, and it's not the right color. I love the color of this mohair wig, but it's HUGE.

Here you can see her little smile--I hope when I paint her I can keep that showing. You can kind of see her Ersa Flora custom eyes--you have to get super close to see the circuits, but they are pretty even at a normal distance.

Here she is with Ami the Cyborg (based on a Poser character by fu-minn). That is a little unfinished painting of Ami next to her (that is the acrylic undercoat, it still needs a second coat of oils on top, the first layer is dry now.)

Making that outfit will be tricky--I have the stretch fabric but I need to decide how I want it to fasten--probably with velcro in the back and have all the buckles as just decorations. And yes, poor Sophie will have to go on the Soom body until next February, because Sidonia/Ami is staying on this body. :D Here Sidonia discovers roses "just her size" in the back yard:

She's so pretty -- she has such a good-natured face, she is a pleasure to look at!


  1. She looks great! Granado is doing some really engaging sculpts. Their resin always looks so 'real' in the very good face up photos I've seen. I'm looking forward to seeing her when she's got her make up on if she looks this adorable with a bed head, LOL!

    1. I love their sculpts--I'm not the best faceup artist; but I do love painting the sculpts anyway, just because they are so pretty in person! And thank you too!


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