The Squishy Pergola

I had gotten a little concerned about the weight of the grapevine on the pergola--we had a phenomenal number of grapes this year and a lot of heavy rain, including on Friday, so I went out today and started clipping the grapevine back, since it was done with making grapes and was starting to turn color. And I found out that it was actually the grapevine that had been holding up that part of the pergola all this time:

So I went around and really looked at the rest of it, and yes, it's all going to have to come down--all the upper pieces were just cedar from half a century ago, and some of them I could stick my finger into. Even the carpenter ants thought they were too squishy! So there is yet another project for spring, rebuilding the pergola and deciding what to do about the much shorter grapevine.