Doll Stuff at Target

Target has a huge amount of "regular" doll items, such as the Monster High girls that are most bjd collector's secret obsession. But they occasionally have things that work for SD sized dolls--every time I go, I poke around the "dollar" items in the front of the store, and the Seasonal section. Christmas ornaments can provide all kinds of scale props..JoAnn's Fabrics already has some SD sized prop chandelier ornaments, Venetian Masks, and small mirrors. But Target is just now getting in the Christmas stuff, and the Halloween stuff is starting to go on sale if you need tiny party hats (in the "Dog costumes" section). The bicycle above is intended for American Girls, so it's a good size for the Delf and Fairyland 60 cm girls. I have no room to store it, myself, so instead I went digging for shoes. I found some orange sneakers for 6.99 that looked like they would fit Bird, my Soom Super Gem Tremo:

And they do fit, though it was a bit of a squeeze. I am going to swap out the overscale laces for cords, too. The insides of the shoes are light and non-staining and they are soft enough they can be tugged a bit and not hurt resin feet. And Bird doesn't have much dignity, so orange is fine with him. :D